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For your security we use 2co/Paypal security payment services

PayPal/2Checkout: Online payment (transfer or credit card).

By choosing the purchase option in our secure order area you will automatically be redirected to 2Checkout\PayPal's secure payment area.

PayPal and 2Checkout offers you several options for online payments:

All 2dplan and Associates products are downloadable

You can download your orders directly to your PC, by download links that will be send to your e-mail box after conformation of your order from 2co. After conformation of your order, you will receive email instructions for download your CDs order. Download instructions will be generally emailed between 5-7 hours.

* Please note, Download links will be send only to non-free email address. Download links will not be send to Free email address like: (hotmail, gmail, yahoo...).
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