Colorful floor plans illustrations for furnished floor plans rendering

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to work with images with any version of Photoshop software?

Yes, 2dplan images are in PSD, TIF, PDF, JPEG format ready to open in any adobe Photoshop software.

Does 2dplan images available for Mac computer users?

Does 2dplan images available for other software's?

Yes, some of our images are in PNG format, this format available for other software's like sketchup, corel draw, and illustrator

Does your images are in high quality for printing?

Yes, 2dplan images made in order to provide high quality printing results, for Real-Estate Sales Brochures graphic design.

How do I work with 2dplan images and Photoshop?

Please click here to learn more about our images and Photoshop

Is there a way to download free image sample and try it before I purchase your CDs?

Yes you can, Please visit our products page, each CD include free sample for free download. Do you provide world wide shipping?

Yes we do, we send our products by Air mail shipping speed post to any destination around the world Click to learn more about it

Can I purchase your products by download?

Yes you can download our products directly to your computer and start working; you do not need to wait days for shipment to arrive.

Do you send the download link automatic?

No download links will be sending to your email box after conformation of your order from 2co/paypal. After conformation of your order you will receive email instructions for download. Download instructions will be generally emailed between 4-6 hours

Do you send download links to free email address?

No, download links will not be sending to free email address like: hotmail,yahoo,gmail...

How much time do I need to wait for shipment to arrive?

Delivery times: depends on your zip code click here for more details

Is it secure to purchase 2dplan products online?

Yes, we use 2co or paypal payments and money transfer services,, Paypal

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